Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

With our temperatures dropping pretty low this week, please make sure that your child comes to school with a coat on. We don’t go outside if it “feels like” 35 degrees or below, but when we can go out, we are going! Please just be aware of the weather forecast.

This week in…

Reading: It’s time for the mid-year TPRI (Texas Primary Reading Inventory), so students will be tested to see their improvement in these reading/writing/comprehension skills.

Word Work: We will continue analyzing and sorting nouns and now adding adjectives to describe them. This will be assessed in their writing. We will also begin an author study of Audrey Wood. This author uses adjectives in her writing in creative ways. The class will adapt some of her writings to use their own nouns and adjectives.

Spelling: The students will receive 5 new words this week on Monday, but there will be no test on Friday. It will be next Wednesday, after the holiday.

Math: Measurement will continue, as well as, problem solving with addition and subtraction. Telling time to the hour and half/hour is being introduced and practiced.

Please be aware of some upcoming events:

January 16- School Holiday

January 25-Early Release/Faculty Inservice

February 10-Our class Champs Assembly

Thank you,

Mrs. Benson

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Break and are ready to begin an exciting New Year. Expectations will be higher as the students push through to the end of the year.  Report cards will go home this Thursday.

Reading: Students’ levels will change for their take-home reading so be sure and look for this. Remember, if they are reading something that you think is too easy, it’s to improve fluency. Some students will begin bringing home chapter books once a week. I do not expect the book to be read in one night. Simply record the chapters read on their reading log and make sure it is completed by Friday. They can bring home picture books also if they want.

Word Work: We will begin analyzing nouns and classifying them. This will lead into describing these nouns with adjectives. This will not only be our focus in our word work but also in our writing.

Math: We will begin our unit on measurement and how important it is to understand how to measure with non-standard units. We will also be introducing time to the hour and half/hour along with identification and values of coins.

Science will be blended with our shared reading and writing of Winter and weather changes.

Champs Assemblies begin this week. They are held every Friday morning at 8:00 with one particular class hosting and presenting the week’s character trait. We will be presenting in February. I will send more information home about this closer to the date.

Thank you for everything you’ve done. Our Christmas party was outstanding and thank you for all of the gifts. I had some on my desk after everyone had left that I wasn’t sure who they were from. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all have amazing kids that I am blessed to teach.

Mrs. Benson

End of the First Nine Weeks

Everyone should have received their report card. If you haven’t already signed and returned it, please do so as soon as possible. We are beginning our second nine weeks period. Hard to believe!

This week:

Word Work: We are continuing alphabetical order to the second letter.

Guided Reading: Guided Reading groups continue. Each student will be preparing for our Thanksgiving Reader’s Theater that will come up before the holiday.

Spelling: There was no test last week, so the spelling test will be Thursday.

Math: Subtraction was introduced last week, this will continue with subtraction problem solving and computation strategies.

Social Studies: We will begin studying national symbols.

Things to remember:

October 31-No costumes

November 2-Early Release at 11:30

November 18-Thanksgiving Reader’s Theater  (Time to be announced.)

November 21-25-Thanksgiving Holiday

Please email or call if you need anything. Thanks for everything you do and a special thanks to those that came to help on the field trip. We had a great time.

Mrs. Benson

4-Day Week!

This week students will have a 4-Day Week. The teachers will be having a work day on Friday to end our first nine-week grading period.

This week in:

Guided Reading: Reading will continue with some testing for end of the nine-week levels.

Word Work: Continue digraphs.

Spelling: No spelling this week.

Math: Problem solving will continue by writing our own addition storyboards and continuing to analyze shapes.

Writing: We are currently writing our class book, “Our Spooky Halloween.” We will conclude writing this during interactive writing and illustrate it for display.

Upcoming events:

October 20th-Field Trip forms/money due

October 21st-Student Holiday/End of Nine Weeks

October25th-Field Trip to Calie’s Acres

Thank you,

Mrs. Benson


Fall has begun and hopefully it will get cooler soon. We have been studying the change of seasons and how we use our senses to recognize all the changes that occur. This week we will also begin our book study of one of our favorite authors, Leo Lionni, and analyze the “changes” that occur in his writing and illustrations.

This week in…

Word work: digraphs – /sh/ /ch/ /th/ /wh/ /ph/

Reading: Guided Reading groups will continue. Be sure and look for the blue Guided Reading folder to come home. Read the book and do the activity.

Writing: Applying what we have learned in our writing. Plan-Write-Revise-Publish

Spelling: 5 new spelling words- had, not, or, one, by – Spelling test is Friday.

Math: As always we will continue to practice using our math tools with problem solving and addition. We will also begin studying and learning about our 2 dimensional shapes this week.

Upcoming Events:

October 21st-Student Holiday/Teacher Work Day

October 24-28th-Red Ribbon Week

October 25th-First Grade field trip to Calie’s Acres

October 31st-Halloween-NO COSTUMES

Thank you for all you do!

Mrs. Benson

It’s Been Awhile…

Sorry, it has been so long since my last post. Technical difficulties…I would like to take this time to thank all of the parents that came to Parent Orientation. I hope you were well informed and again if you ever have any questions, please feel free to call or email; just remember emailing is more reliable. Here is a summary of what is coming up this week in class.

Reading: Guided reading groups will continue. Your child may bring home a blue folder, labeled Guided Reading. There will be a book and/or activity to do with the book. Please read the book and record it along with their daily reading book on their reading log.

Word Work: We will continue analyzing blends and using them in our reading and writing.

Spelling: Students will receive 5 new spelling words and the test will be on Friday.

Writing: We are broadening our ways to publish and begin publishing our writing in book-style.

Math: We will compose different combinations to create a particular sum and as always use these skills in problem solving. Students will apply the number line, tens frame, and drawing a picture to solve.

Science: Read, discuss, and analyze seasonal changes.

Don’t forget Wednesday is an early release day at 11:30.

Thank you,

Mrs. Benson

First Grade Rocks!

Our first week of school was a good one.  Now it’s time to get on our daily schedule. Please check out our class schedule on this blog. You can find out when peripherals, library, lunch times, and core lessons are scheduled during the day and week.

This week:

Reading: Students will begin guided reading stations while I test students to find their reading levels. If the reader they are bringing home is too easy, read it several times to improve fluency. If it is too difficult, read it to/with them. When I conclude testing, their books will be more consistent with their ability.

Spelling: Students will be given 5 new spelling words (the, a, and, of, to) this week and will be tested on them on Friday.

Math: Students will begin using pictures and ten frames with Intentional Problem Solving. They will also be counting collections.

We will also begin an author study of Kevin Henkes and learn how to be a CHAMP through his characters.

Remember, class begins at 8:00.



February is the most compact month of the school year. There are more skills to teach during this month of February, but it’s the shortest month of the year. So… there’s lots to get started with.

Word Work: We will continue to spiral adjectives, nouns, verbs and will add singular and plural to our vocabulary.

Math: This week we will focus more on money (coin collections) and time to the hour and half hour. We have worked on these throughout the year, but it is now time to use them in everyday situations and assess.

Spelling: The spelling test will be Tuesday and the students will not receive new spelling words this week.

Writing: The students will begin writing letters this week to mail in our in-school mail service, WEE Deliver.

Science: We are currently reading, discussing, and analyzing the life of several types of Penguins. We will continue this into this week.

Here are some upcoming dates to remember:

Feb. 8-Student Holiday

Feb. 12-Our class will host the Champs Assembly at 8:00

Valentine Party at 11:15

Feb. 15-Presidents Day School Holiday

Thank you for everything,

Mrs. Benson


Check Your Updates

I hope everyone enjoyed their 3-day weekend. As we get back into the flow of things this week we will get a lot done in just four days.

Reading: I will conclude TPRI testing early this week and guided reading groups will resume. Levels have changed for all the students and new expectations have been put in place. Some are reading higher levels, while some are expected to read a chapter book a week. They know what their levels have changed to and if they are reading the chapter books. Some of the parents have probably already noticed these coming home.

Word Work: Nouns and adjectives will continue to cycle through while compound words will be introduced this week.

Writing: We are currently writing a class book that is an adaptation of one of their favorite Audrey Woods books. Independently, they are writing a biography to describe themselves. Using adjectives to make their writing more exciting is the goal along with using the writing process.

Math: This week our problem solving will based on the “SPARKLE” #10. Writing equations, both addition and subtraction, counting by 10’s and tools that represent 10.

Please check your emails and school calls verifying that all of the White Oak School District will be closed to the students on February 8th.  It is an early release day for students on January 27th at 11:30 and another school holiday on February 15th. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Again, if there ever any concerns or things to share please email me and let me know. Thank you.

Mrs. Benson

It’s a New Year!

The class has gotten off to a great start this year! They have a lot more to learn and a short time to get there so remember to read each evening, look for math homework and encourage good work habits.

Last week we analyzed nouns and began our discussion of adjectives. We will continue identifying and using adjectives in our writing this week and next. Last week, we learned how to measure using different units of measurement. This week we will be focusing on using these measurements in everyday problem solving by answering the question, “How much longer/shorter is …?” This is usually a difficult concept for our first graders. So be aware to maybe work on this subtraction skill at home. In reading this week, the students will be tested with the mid-year TPRI to show their progress. This is an individualized test that was performed at the beginning of the year and will be done at the end of the year as well.  In Social Studies this week, the class will read, discuss, and learn about Martin Luther King Jr. and The Golden Rule.

I want to thank the moms who helped put together our Christmas Party. The kids had a great time and it was all very nice. Our Valentine’s Party will be on Friday, February 12th. I know it will be a big success!

Upcoming Dates:

Jan 18th. –  School Holiday

Jan 27th – Student Early Dismissal @ 11:30

Thank you for all you do and your support,

Mrs. Benson