October’s Tricks and Treats

October is a long but busy month. Please make sure you always check your child’s planner and folder for important messages and notes. This week:

Word work: This week and next week we will make words and apply the sounds of digraphs: /sh/ /th/ /ch/ /wh/ /ph/ /gh/.

Guided Reading: The students will work in their groups on leveled books. Watch for the blue Guided Reading folder.

Spelling: This week’s words are: or, by, one, had, not.  The spelling test will be this Friday.

Writing: This week we will be writing about our favorite season and we will write a class spooky story.

Math: This week is all about problem solving with addition and finding combinations of a number. Example: Combinations of 5 are 0+5=5, 1+4=5, 2+3=5, 3+2=5, 4+1=5, 5+0=5. We do this with pictures, cubes, etc.

Upcoming events:

Oct. 20- End of the first 9 weeks/ Teacher work day/ Student holiday

Oct. 23-27- Red Ribbon Week

Thank you for everything you do,

Mrs. Benson




Fall has started out to be really hot. Hopefully, it will cool off by the end of the week. Watch the weather for appropriate dress-jackets,etc.

This week:


Word Work: We are moving on to /s/ blends this week. Continue to work and practice on short and long vowel sounds at home as we will be in class also.

Guided Reading: Guided Reading groups have begun. Some students have brought home a guided reading blue folder with a book, sight words and/or an activity. Always return this back to class the next day and write the book on their reading log. If you haven’t seen a blue folder yet then your child will bring one home this week. These come periodically, not on a certain schedule. Sometimes we do the activity in groups and sometimes it goes home.

Math: We will be exploring the different combinations there can be for a certain sum. ” How many ways can we add to get 7?”

Science: We are still looking at color combinations as we go right into the Five Senses.

Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 4 : Student Half-Day/Staff Development. Students will be released at 11:30.

Oct. 20: Student Holiday/Staff Development

Have a great week!

Mrs. Benson

Parent Orientation is This Tuesday!

Parents, don’t forget that this Tuesday at 5:30 is Parent Orientation for K, 1, and 2.  I hope all of you are able to come, but I understand that prior commitments sometime get in the way. Just remember, this is not a time for individual conferences. We will be discussing class routines, grading systems, behavior system, and 1st grade expectations. We will set up parent conferences in October to discuss individual children. Also coming on Thursday are school pictures.

This week:

Guided Reading: Groups will begin this week based on the reading levels that all this testing has shown.

Word Work: We will begin long vowel sounds this week

Writing/Spelling: Students are writing during Writer’s Workshop and sharing their writing. New spelling words are: they, his, with, at, and as. The spelling test will be this Friday.

Math: We are continuing to combine groups up to 20, but now transitioning to writing the math sentence with this. We will also continue naming the greatest, least, and equal numbers.

Science: This week begins our study of color and how colors mix and change into new colors.

I hope you have all had a good weekend and thank you to all who donated school supplies to Beaumont ISD. I believe this is a great lesson for young people to learn; helping those in need.

Mrs. Benson

Keep up the Good Work!

Parents, please continue to read every day and sign the reading log. Most days I have had 100% of the class have their log signed. This is awesome! Keep it up!

This week:

Guided Reading: Students will continue with their guided reading stations. Individual reading testing has concluded; however, this week we will begin TPRI testing. This is a state mandated test that has to be done 2-3 times a year. This should be done in the first couple days this week.

Word Work: Students will continue using and analyzing short and long vowel sounds with an assessment on short vowels this Friday.

Math: Along with intentional problem solving involving addition; students will become familiar with ordering whole numbers, greater than, less than, and equal.

We will conclude our Kevin Henkes book study and write about our favorite book. Spelling words this week are he, was, for, on, are. The test will be on Friday.

Again, thank you for your support.

Mrs. Benson

September … Fall isn’t Far Off

Thank you to all the parents who sent snacks and treasures for our treasure chest. Our class can always use these items. This Friday is the Monster Truck Rally at 7:30 at Lonestar Speedway. This is a huge fundraiser for the White Oak Education Foundation, so everyone try to come out and have a family night. Parent Orientation is scheduled for September 19th. You will receive a note with details this week. Also coming up is Picture Day on September 21st. More information about this later.

This week:

Reading: Continue reading at home every day. Students are reading to me each day and are involved in Guided Reading Stations.

Word Work: short vowel sounds and assessment on ending sounds

Writing/Spelling: New spelling words are it, is, in, you, that. Spelling test will be on Friday. Please look for the new words on Tuesday. They will be on yellow and white paper. The ones circled are the ones your child needs to work on. We will be exploring our own writing this week through the writing process.

Math: We will continue to work on one-to-one correspondence while working with our math tools: 10 frame, number line and 100 chart. We will also be using intentional problem solving to find answers to some math questions involving addition.

We will continue our study of Kevin Henkes books and find the lesson learned in each.

I hope you all have had a great Labor Day weekend!

Mrs. Benson

Off to a Good Start!

We had our first full week last week and we learned a lot about being  a CHAMP and began our stations in reading and math. These procedures take about 30 days to master,  so encourage good CHAMP behavior and good listening skills while at school.

Upcoming Skills and Lessons:

Guided Reading: Students will be reading to me daily and I will continue testing each student to find their levels. Students will be practicing skills in their Guided Reading Stations. Be sure to read with your child every day.

Writing/Spelling: New spelling words came home today attached to a note explaining to study these at home and we will also be going over them at school. While their spelling test is not every Friday; it is on Friday most often. It will be this Friday. This week’s words are: a, and, to, the, of.   Students will also begin good penmanship practice.

Math: The students will be learning different strategies for solving their math problems. This is done in their Math Journal. They will also be expected to count collections with one-to-one counting. They will practice these skills in Math Stations.

We are also beginning an author/book study of Kevin Henkes. We will share how a character in his books had to learn how to be a better CHAMP.

Please read each note I have sent home and they will explain so much more in great detail. Also, always read what your child has written in his/her planner, initial that you have read it, and feel free to write anything you feel I need to know there in the planner. I check these every morning.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs. Benson




Welcome to the First Grade!

We’ve have a great beginning to an awesome school year. The kids have been fantastic first graders. Several notes have gone home and some were sent home at Meet the Teacher. Be sure and fill out anything that needs to be filled out and sent back to me and always read all the notes that go home.Be sure to always check your child’s planner for any notes I have written or your child has written. This is the best way to correspond because I check them every morning for a note from you and/or your signature indicating that you checked their message and checked their behavior report (busy bee stamp).

This week we will begin Guided Reading Stations and Math Stations. This will take most of the week to learn expectations and guidelines for this. I will begin reading with each student to try to find their exact reading levels. This could take up to 2+ weeks. On Wednesday, they will begin bringing home their book and reading log. This will come with directions for you. The book they bring home may be too easy or too hard. Remember I haven’t found their reading levels yet. If it’s too easy, have them read it several time to improve fluency. If it is too hard, then help them read it or read it to them. This home reading will be their daily homework. Sometimes, about once a week, they will have math homework.

I have enjoyed meeting your children and look forward to teaching them this year. Always feel free to email me if you have questions or concerns. Some parents have donated things for the class; snacks, treasure box items, cardstock, and other items. Thank you to all who helped in this way.

We Can Be the Difference,

Mrs. Benson

Fifteen Days of School Left…What??

Can you believe it? I can’t! These last few days we have left will be a lot of cycling around to some things we need to go back to. We will continue to have guided reading groups when I am not testing each student for end of the year levels, but blue Guided Reading folders will not go home again.

We have several up-coming events to mark on your calendar:

May 10th- Field Trip to Penick Park 9:00-2:00 (about) Parents are welcome to come out. Students need their sack lunch with 2 drinks. We will have games and activities for them.

May 17th- First Grade Field Day 12:30-2:30 at the football Practice Field. Parents are welcome.

May 25th and 26th are Early Release days at 11:00

Thanks for all of your support!

Mrs. Benson

May is Here!

We are on the last home stretch. We have lots of things coming up so please keep them on your calendar.

First of all, we have our Read-a-Thon going on until May 12th. I urge you to set up your child’s profile and donate any amount if you have not already done so. We are reading daily in class and logging our times in. You should do the same with their daily reading homework. The students are working so hard. If you have already donated, then I say, “Thank you!”

This week we also celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. I know some of you have donated food, etc. I can’t tell you how much this means to all of us. Thank you in advance for your support.

This Tuesday, the 2nd, we will have class pictures. Please send your money in the envelope  that was sent home last week.

On Wednesday, May 10th, first grade will be going on our short field trip to Penick Park. We will be leaving about 9:00 and returning about 2:00. Please see the note for details.

In the classroom, we are working hard on enhancing our writing skills and reading for understanding. In math, we are adding and subtracting double-digit numbers, expanding greater numbers, using numbers to 120, analyzing 3-D Shapes, and fractions. Please be aware of Monday’s graded papers.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Benson

Did Someone Say Easter??

This week will be a short week with Easter vacation being this Friday and Monday of next week. Our party will be Thursday at 11:30. The first grade all hunts eggs together. Our assigned area is in the grass between the Primary Building and the bus barns. First grade is limited to the area on the right side of the pick-up road that runs through the middle. I hope that’s clear. Remember, to send your 12 candy-filled Easter eggs tomorrow and the students can bring their basket or bucket for hunting on party day. If you are checking your child out after the party, please sign them out with me.

This week we will continue guided reading groups, writing and reading about Easter, reading comprehension and there will be no spelling words this week. In math, we will use base ten blocks to begin adding two-digit numbers.

Some upcoming dates to remember:

April 13-Easter Party @11:30

April 14 &17-School Holidays

Thanks and have a great week!

Mrs. Benson